Looking For My Pillow Pet Reviews?

There are many different types of toys out there, but there aren’t many that double up as a pillow. While many kids might use their favorite stuffed animals as pillows, there is one type of toy that is actually designed to be both. These toys are trademarked under the name “My Pillow Pets,” and were the idea of a single mother from San Diego who was tired of always picking up stuffed animals and tried to think of a way to make toys functional, as well.

Like many toys that become popular, this one started out as a weird and somewhat random idea and it just took off. Word of mouth become a company, then a small company became a corporation and the growth continued.

My Pillow Pets are a neat idea. They are kept in the shape of a stuffed animal by a Velcro strap, but once that strap is removed the toy spreads out and becomes a full sized kid’s pillow. This is a really interesting idea, and by making it simple kids don’t need help changing it over from one to another.

These toys are known for the quality material, which means less of them are made than with other companies that mass produce toys, but each individual toy should be able to hold up better than the average stuffed animal.

For people who are looking for an interesting stuffed animal that also has additional practical uses, it’s really hard to find a better solution than the one that My Pillow Pets has presented.

The Hottest Christmas Toy – Zhu Zhu Pets Review

Zhu Zhu Pets have taken the toy industry by storm and are consuming most of the spots on the list of the Top Ten Toys for Christmas. In this article, we will have a look at these including what they are and why the heck they are so popular.

So, how popular are the pets? The chief executive officer of Toys R Us said that they may not include Zhu Zhu Pets in their catalogue due to overwhelming demand and he did not want to disappoint customers if they were unavailable. If Toys R Us may not be able to stock them, you know that they are considered the best toys for Christmas 2009!

This toy is made by a company called Cepia out of St. Louis, Missouri. The company, only recently founded in 2004 by Russel Hornsby, realized the potential of these little critters when they flew off the shelves after their initial release. The product line has been so popular that Cepia has had difficulty keeping up with demand. Thus, the pets are often hard to find and are sometimes priced higher due to demand.

But what exactly are they?

They are little Hamsters that come in five different characters: Patches, Chunk, PipSqueak, Mr. Squiggles, and Num Nums. These five different hamster characters can function on their own but they are much more fun when you purchase the accessories to create a hamster habitat.

A good way to begin the adventure is with the Funhouse Set with Hamster. This will get you started with 1 hamster, Patches, and a funhouse environment. The package includes a large kitchen and living room, a hallway, and bathroom areas. This is the beginning of your Hamster Habitat.

If your kids enjoy this initial set, then you will want to purchase the other Hamsters as well more accessories for the funhouse. This allows you to see the full “intelligence” of the hamsters as they play in their habitat and make interesting sounds and funny movements.

Zhu Zhu Pets are designed for ages 3 and up but are probably are not good gifts for teenagers as they appeal to those under 10 year old. My kids, ages 3 and 5, enjoyed all the add-on accessories to the Hamster habitat but probably enjoyed the Hamster Wheel and the Add on Garage the most. With the Hamster wheel, you get to see the little robotic hamsters make the wheel spin and then slide down the ramp afterward. And with the Add on Garage, you get a sedan car and garage allowing the hamster to cruise around your house.

The enormous popularity of the Zhu Zhu Pets is a testament to how much the kids enjoy this toy. Kids love little snuggly pets as well as moving objects. Zhu Zhu Pets combine these two elements to make for the most popular toy this Christmas.